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Texas has markets that match nearly every type of investor – whether you’re focused on right-now cash flow, long term equity plays, or the best of both worlds. 

We work with developers, flippers, and wholesalers, along with those looking for SFRs, multifamily units, and commercial properties across Texas.

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Not your typical brokerage.

We are all about wealth building through real estate, and there’s nothing better than bringing new investors into the fold. 

Learn how to achieve financial freedom through real estate, explore different types of investments, and meet people that have similar goals. 

Have a funky but promising deal that you just can’t find financing for? We can refer you to a variety of lender contacts who are experienced in working with investors and know how to make tricky deals work. 

Sometimes it takes a village. Here you can find and partner with like-minded people and make your investment dreams a reality. Whether you’re looking to join forces for a flip, want some financial backing, or are looking for assistance getting started, we have a large network of people always looking for their next project.

Finding contractors is tough. We can point you towards our trusted contacts and teach you how to vet vendors and put together your own list of amazing people to work with.

Just getting started? Looking to move in a different direction or ramp up your operation? Let’s make it happen. Work with a mentor that is experienced with your ideal investment strategy.

Join a flip project with our investment group. We’ll identify a house together, buy in together, renovate together, and get paid out together. This is an amazing way to gain hands on experience, meet your crew, and make money!

It’s all about who you know. We know A LOT of people. Get connected with our network to start building yours out even more. Whether you’re brand new or have tons of experience, we’d love to have you.

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We have deep connections.

As an investor-friendly brokerage, we have access to a steady stream of off-market deals and are uniquely able to scout for new properties and identify deals that have strong potential for whatever your goals are. 

Our team has decades of combined experience investing in Texas real estate and have explored everything from flipping to wholesale to AirBNB to developing communities. 

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